The Kenyan M...and a gift for a father.

We've said it before...the best thing about running this site is the people and stories that find us. The other day, we received an email from Nick Goodey who let us know that his father had owned an Allard back in Kenya in the mid 50's. His father David was in the RAF and the car was an M he bought from an Indian in Nairobi who said it was imported by a previous owner who intended to enter it in the Coronation Safari Rally (1953)*. The steering box was well worn and he “Obtained"a box off a LHD Ford V8 Pilot which, when fitted and the vertical drop arm re-positioned reversed the steering! David bought the car in 1957 in Nairobi and it was sold in early 1958 as he needed a saloon for longer trips on game photo shoots and adventures.

[We checked the archives and found that six Allards were exported to Kenya. It appears as though this car was chassis 819; shipped on December 17, 1948; it was painted black with blue interior. We also checked the entries for the 1953 Safari Rally and no Allards were listed as entrants.] 

Fast forward 60 years or so and son Nick wanted to get his dad David a gift to remember his old Allard. Being a bit of a craftsman, Nick created the wireframe sculpture below of his fathers old M. The sculpture is almost 18" long! We were so impressed with the wireframe so we asked Nick if he accepts commissions. Nick replied that he does, with the basic pricing around NZ$250, 200GBP, or US$285 and varies due to size and detail. If you are interested in discussing a commission with Nick, click here to email him.

Allard For Sale: M-808

Chassi #808 has been with the same owner for 20+ years. The car is mostly original with the exception of the cosmetics which appear to have been updated within the past 20 years. Cloth top is in good condition, windows and door latches work properly all the brakes, steering, etc. have been gone over. Carburetor was recently rebuilt; the car does not burn any oil and is in excellent original condition as far as the mechanical aspects are concerned. Our records conflict on the set notes the car was delivered to Bristol Street Motors on October 12, 1948 (or December 14), while another set notes it was delivered to Birmingham on October 4, 1948. The car has a blue exterior with brown interior (originally blue). The car is located in Astoria, NY. For more info, click here to visit Gullwing Motor Cars web site (selling the car for owner's family). The asking price is a reasonable $49,500.

Mystery Allard...

The photos you see here were sent to us by Bryan who owned this car back in the late 50's. He'd love to find out what happened to it...and we'd love to find out what chassis it is. 

Bryan writes, "Here's a couple of photos of the old dear, known (naturally!) as Sabrina, although these days she could just as well be known as Dolly! She had a 3.5 litre flathead Ford V8, the weight of which made her a bit lazy where cornering was concerned but one didn’t worry too much. Acceleration out of corners, helped by the Ballamy front suspension, was scorching as you can imagine. In any case she had colossal braking power.

I bought her from a friend in about 1957 for £50 and ran her happily for about eighteen months until coming past Newmarket towards Six Mile Bottom the revs suddenly went sky high, without a noticeable increase in speed. Not surprising this. My co-driver told me we were doing fractionally over one ton at the time. I had her towed to my uncle’s farm at Hemingford. About three months later he told me he had sold her, minus any drive from the busted half-shaft, to an American airman from Basingbourne. This man was eager for her and paid me £150 for the privilege. I would surely say she didn’t owe me a penny then, but what would she be worth now?

Apart from this note I have no information about her. She was surely the strangest design of bodywork I have ever seen, almost but not quite an estate car and you could stuff an extra ordinary amount of luggage in through the tailgates. As her driving her, she was a joy and filled in the blank in my life just after I had had a bust at Paddock Bend and decided I wasn’t as good as Stirling and had better quit while I could.

As for her rudimentary silencers – what a lovely noise. I still adore the sound of a V-8!"

If you know anything about the car, please send us a note. This was likely one of the many M types that was sold without a body. It's like a hatchback shooting brake with a roll-top roof. Nice.

Silverstone Auction Preview

On July 20-22, Silverstone will be summoning vintage cars from all over Europe to it's famed track for the Silverstone Classic event. Once again, the AOC will be there in full force and are hoping to have 20+ cars in their corral. In addition to some great racing, club parades, and general car watching, Silverstone Auctions will be selling an interesting Allard.

M-type #321 is pretty interesting. It was originally sold as a chassis only through dealer George & Jobbing on November 7, 1947. From there, we assume the car sat around for a few years unfinshed. At some, the car must have been sent back to the factory to be completed, including: a hybrid M & K body, coil spring front end conversion (these did not appear until late '49), and a 24-stud Mercury V8 was added with Allard heads & intake. The car was originally owned by BBC broadcaster Randall Herley and has only had two owners since. The car is listed as lot #110 and is estimated to sell for 20-25,000 GBP ($31-39,000). To learn more about the car and see additional photos, click here or on the photos above.

Allards @ Silverstone Classic!

By Mike Knapman

The organisers of the Silverstone Classic set out to make 2011’s Classic the biggest and best ever.  “Rocking & Racing” were the two keywords.  They succeeded. Over 1100 entrants ensured full 52 car maximum grids for the historic races that went on from dawn to after dusk.  120 Classic car clubs and 7,000 thousand classic cars were on display.  A staggering 800 E-Types paraded on Saturday.   80,000 members of the classic car public paid to come in. The weather was not bad either, cloudy with sunny periods or vice-versa. This was “the biggest race meeting ever staged in international motor racing history”.

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For Sale - Allard M Project

This M drophead coupe is chassis 859, and was delivered to Bournemouth England on Feb. 23, 1949 and registered as DJT 876. The owner has the original build and inspections sheets for the car. It was originally grey with grey interior and a blue top. Little of the car’s ownership history is known prior to 1978 and the current owner had the car shipped to the US in 1998. The car is in original condition, is mostly complete, but in need of a complete restoration. The car is equipped with a stock 3.6 liter (221 cid) Ford flathead engine with a Ford 3-speed transmission with column shift linkage that reverses the shift pattern from normal. All of the major mechanical components are the same as used in the English Ford Pilot. Click here to view additional information and photos. If you are interested, please click here to contact the seller. This car is available for $12,000/US.

Monterey Auction Preview

For 2009, no less than six Allards will cross the various auction blocks setup throughout Monterey this August. Of the six Allards, two are most notable in my opinion.

First is the Allard J2 at Mecum (their first Monterey auction). This is one of two Allards that was raced by Carroll Shelby and it should command big numbers, although it did not reach its reserve price at a previous Mecum auction.

The second car is the M Coupe at RM (shown above). This is a very unique car as only three M Coupes were made out of 500 produced. The car is very attractive and unique…hopefully it will bring more than the estimate.

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Allards at Pickering


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For those not familiar with the UK geography, Pickering, in Yorkshire is an area to the north of England with wonderful scenery and has been a gathering place for northern Allards for a few years now.

Several Allards gather for a tour of the North of England and the Pickering weekend becomes the focal point for others to join them and enjoy a social get together and dinner at a great country Inn where several stay over. This year eleven Allard’s were able to get together for the weekend.

The gathering is very well organized by Peter Wright with help from Barry Ogden. The Saturday night dinner is held at The New Inn, a typical country Inn with its own micro brewery making really good ale that we tend to do justice to over the few days.

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Mel Herman

Allard M Type Restoration Completed

 Click here or on the photo above to view 3 photo galleries of this beautiful M Types transformation

My M type is chassis no. 716. I bought it November 2005.

35 years ago I had another M type, chassis no. 823 reg. no. JC 9688 which won many concours awards. I sold it to finance a business venture and often regretted it even though the business venture was successful. My old carhas beenregularly rallied by its present owners, John and Kate Manley-Tucker including the Alpine and the Paris-Peking.

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