Admit it. You've had that dream...where you wished that you could build a car that was cooler and faster than the ones you read about in the magazines. Sydney Allard had that dream too, but he made his dream a reality. For a brief time, Sydney Allard defied the odds building over 1,900 cars that bore his name and transforming the automotive world.

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The Allard Motor Company built over 1900 cars from 1946 to 1958. Those cars were made of 20 different model types, ranging from sports cars that took the racing world by storm to powerful family saloons that were precursors to the muscle car era. To keep costs down, the cars used Ford parts where possible, but in America they were given potent V8's from Cadillac & Chrysler. 

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We strive to be your source for all the latest Allard related news & stories. Here you'll find event reports, letters from fans & owners, stories about unique Allards, and amazing videos from the internet. Check back regularly, we update this section often!

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What a story. From humble beginnings; building a few cars for friends, then repairing military vehicles during WWII, to opening a factory to build cars for the public. Allard had many successes: a third at Le Mans, race victories throughout the world, and Sydney's crowning achievement - victory at the Rallye Monte Carlo. However, Allard lacked the resources to adapt to the changing times and ceased production by 1956. However that was not the end. Sydney kept his dream alive, selling aftermarket performance parts while bringing drag racing to Europe in the early 60's.

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The Allard Register is an informal group of Allard owners and enthusiasts. Our goal is to promote the awareness of and interest in the Allard marque - and the special role that it played in the post-WWII renaissance of motor sports. Our activities are focused toward preserving and sharing information about the Allard Motor Company; and helping each other with the preservation, restoration - and especially the use and enjoyment of the surviving Allard automobiles.

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The Internet is packed with countless web sites that are dedicated to all things automotive. Whether you are looking for other Allard stories, or stories and photos about the golden age of sports car racing, you'll find it on the Internet. Perhaps you need Allard knock-off wheel nuts, pistons for a Cadillac 331, or a Lucas tail light...the internet has brought together vendors from all over the world to make restoring or maintaining your Allard easier than ever.

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