The Kenyan M...and a gift for a father.

We've said it before...the best thing about running this site is the people and stories that find us. The other day, we received an email from Nick Goodey who let us know that his father had owned an Allard back in Kenya in the mid 50's. His father David was in the RAF and the car was an M he bought from an Indian in Nairobi who said it was imported by a previous owner who intended to enter it in the Coronation Safari Rally (1953)*. The steering box was well worn and he “Obtained"a box off a LHD Ford V8 Pilot which, when fitted and the vertical drop arm re-positioned reversed the steering! David bought the car in 1957 in Nairobi and it was sold in early 1958 as he needed a saloon for longer trips on game photo shoots and adventures.

[We checked the archives and found that six Allards were exported to Kenya. It appears as though this car was chassis 819; shipped on December 17, 1948; it was painted black with blue interior. We also checked the entries for the 1953 Safari Rally and no Allards were listed as entrants.] 

Fast forward 60 years or so and son Nick wanted to get his dad David a gift to remember his old Allard. Being a bit of a craftsman, Nick created the wireframe sculpture below of his fathers old M. The sculpture is almost 18" long! We were so impressed with the wireframe so we asked Nick if he accepts commissions. Nick replied that he does, with the basic pricing around NZ$250, 200GBP, or US$285 and varies due to size and detail. If you are interested in discussing a commission with Nick, click here to email him.

Allard Art...

We’ve always been fans of automotive art, specifically Allard related art. One of our favorite artists is Stefan Marjoram ( and we commissioned him to create an Allard sketch, which is shown above. We’ll be printing a limited number of t-shirts, note cards, and maybe a few prints – all available for reasonable prices. We’ll let you know on the web site when they are available.

Allard Art

Richard Saunders, a lifelong Allard enthusiast and owner is also a bit of an artist. Recently, he sent us a few prints of his Allard paintings. We were very impressed with them and thought you might like to see them as well. If you are interested in purchasing one of them, please click here to email us.

Monte Carlo, 1952

Le Mans, 1953

Bill Pollack, 1951

Fred Wacker, 1951

Bob Lytle

Allard Art

We received a nice thank you note the other day from an Allard enthusiast with the image above on the front. We thought it was pretty cool so we decided the share it with you. The card was printed in 1994 by the Helmet Goggle and Company in word on the artist though. The caption on the back reads, "1950 Allard J2, This British sports car, powered by either Ford, Chrylser, Cadillac V-8 engines, gained much success throughout Europe and the United States." It looks a bit more like a J2X to us though.

Santa's got a new sled...

Special thanks to Kerry Horan for sending us an image of Santa blasting around in his Steyr somewhere up ini the North Pole. Additional thanks go out to Mick Walsh from Classic & Sports Car magazine. for working with the artist to allow us to repost this. Speaking of the artist, this painting was created by Klaus Wagger of Austria. Please visit his web site at; there you can learn more about Klaus and his beatiful car paintings.

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year to all of you!

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