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Notes from a Nervous Navigator on
Rallye Monte-Carlo Historique 2012  -  29 Jan to 4 Feb

Car No:239:- 1950, Allard P1
Driver – David Loveys, Co-driver – Roger Loveys

In January 2011 David announced his intention to enter the rally to mark the achievement of Sidney Allard winning the Monte-Carlo 60 years ago. It was only when I was presented with the application form to check that I knew this was a serious project. I immediately started my research and discovered Richard Disbrow, a driver who had completed the rally in 2011. Richard proved to be brilliant. I met up with him and he always responded immediately to my email requests for information and did his best to alert us to the extreme nature of the event – “Its unbelievable, a flat out road race from start to finish. I don’t know how the French allow it on their roads”. I also arranged to drive to Nice to visit friends so that I could check out part of the route and familiarise myself with driving and navigating in France, something I had not done for over 20 years.

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Report: Gathering the Clan, Texas 2011

-Words: Chuck Warnes         -Photos: Bob Weiner

Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing held their 20th Annual Vintage Fall Festival the weekend of November 4 – 6. Their gracious invitation to the Allard folks presented the second opportunity in the past eight years for us to enjoy their laid-back hospitality and company at the historic Texas World Speedway.

TWS is located just outside of the twin communities of Bryan/College Station TX, and dates back to its NASCAR origins of the ‘60’s. It began as a steeply banked two-mile oval, and over the years has evolved into a three-mile, fifteen-turn road course that continues to use about half of the original oval.

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Allards at Pickering


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For those not familiar with the UK geography, Pickering, in Yorkshire is an area to the north of England with wonderful scenery and has been a gathering place for northern Allards for a few years now.

Several Allards gather for a tour of the North of England and the Pickering weekend becomes the focal point for others to join them and enjoy a social get together and dinner at a great country Inn where several stay over. This year eleven Allard’s were able to get together for the weekend.

The gathering is very well organized by Peter Wright with help from Barry Ogden. The Saturday night dinner is held at The New Inn, a typical country Inn with its own micro brewery making really good ale that we tend to do justice to over the few days.

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