For 1952, the completely redesigned K3 was released, new from the chassis up. The side rails were built up from a pair of vertically stacked chromoly tubes, welded and reinforced with steel plates. Giving a 100-in. wheelbase, this chassis was lighter and stronger than previous Allards. The K3 was a more serious touring car, with an aluminum envelope body, rather than separate clamshell fenders, and had a bench seat capable of holding three abreast. Engine options were listed as British Ford, American Mercury, Cadillac, and Chrysler. Curb weight was 2580 lb. While the J2 had to do one thing, and do it well, that being go very fast, more was expected of a serious passenger car, and the K3 failed to deliver on several counts. It had limited steering lock, resulting in a large turning circle and difficult parallel parking. The doors didn't open wide enough, and inadequate windshield wipers were teamed with nonexistent provisions for heating and defrosting. Furthermore, while a J2 represented a Ferrari-beating bargain at around $2,100, the K3 cost roughly $5,300. A mere 63 cars were sold between 1952 and 1954, with most going to the USA.

Allard K3-3166 Oldsmobile

Allard K3-3169 Cadillac

Allard K3-3174 Cadillac

Allard K3 3192 Cadillac

Allard K3 3269 Cadillac


Years Produced: 1952 to 1954
Quantity Produced: 63
Existing: 46 (73%)
Length: 177"
Wheelbase: 100"
Track: 56.5" Front / 58.5" Rear
Steering: Marles
Front Suspension: Divided Front Axle
Rear Suspension: deDion
Weight: 3,150 pounds (dry)
Wheels: 16"
Tires: 16 x 5"
Fuel Capacity: 12 imp gallons
Engine: Ford / Cadillac / Chrysler / Lincoln / Oldsmobile