The last significant Allard was the J2X, sold from 1952 to 1954. Basically a J2, the front radius rods were changed from leading to trailing, and the frame extended forward 6 in. to accommodate them. Wheelbase was unchanged at 100 in. The engine was also moved forward 7.5 in., adding cockpit space and improving handling. Most cars were ordered with the Chrysler hemi or the Cadillac, which could be tuned for up to 230 bhp and 330 lb-ft of torque. Nearly as many J2Xs, 83 to be precise, were built as were J2s, but the design had already outlived its competitiveness by the J2X's introduction.

Allard J2X-3058 Cadillac

Allard J2X-3067 Supercharged Corvette (by Bill Frick)

Allard J2X-3077 Cadillac

Allard J2X-3144 Cadillac

Allard J2X-3162 Buick


Years Produced: 1951 to 1954
Quantity Produced: 71
Existing: 61 (86%)
Length: 155"
Wheelbase: 100"
Track: 56" Front / 52" Rear
Steering: Marles
Front Suspension: Divided Front Axle
Rear Suspension: deDion
Weight: 2,400 pounds (dry)
Wheels: 16"
Tires: 16 x 5"
Fuel Capacity: 20 or 40 imp gallons
Engine: Buick / Cadillac / Chrysler / De Soto / Ford-Ardun / Oldsmobile