For Sale: Sydney's GT - SOLD!

Chassis 7102 was the first of two GT’s built. The swept tail coupe was built for the 1957 Earl’s Court Motor Show and then would serve as Sydney’s transport afterwards. The car gathered much attention at the show, including Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother. The car shared the Palm Beach MkII chassis, but was later converted to a DeDion rear suspension to improve the handling after Paul Frere had an exciting demonstration drive at Goodwood with Tom Lush. The car features a Jaguar drivetrain with a XK140 motor, 4-speed transmission, and Salisbury differential. The Allard family retained the car after his death, where it passed through a few owners in the UK, including a stint in the now closed Stondon Motor Museum. In 2012 the car was exported to the USA by the late owner.

7102 comes mostly original except for the installation of a roll bar, racing seat and internal fire suppression system; all of which can be removed.  The car sustained damage to the front right suspension under carriage when a wheel came off at speed at 2016 Monterey Motorsport Reunion.

For Sale: 1951 J2-2123

Chassis 2123 was special ordered by Delvan Lee on 7th. June, 1951 through for Wood Motors, Detroit, MI. Wood Motors only imported one Allard, which was done as a special favor to Mr. Delvan Lee. Del had raced Allards previously at Sebring and Giants Despair so he knew what he wanted. He ordered the car specifically to be similar to Sydney’s 1950 Le Mans mount, including silver wire wheels, left hand spare mount, Lucas lamps with stone guards, and a special metallic blue paint job with bright red interior.

Delvan raced the car on the ice at Lake Orion and then Bridgehampton and Thomson speedway in 1952. In 1953 & 1954 the car was raced at Watkins Glen. In 1953, the car won the Giants Despair Hill Climb.

In 1954 Fred Lavell acquired the Allard and took it to the Bonneville, Utah speed events. He drove the car to a speed of 127 mph. After the 1954 event, the J2 body was removed and a Sorrell streamliner fiberglass body with a stock DeSoto V8 and TorqueFlight transmission were installed. It ran this setup in 1955 and 1956, attaining a top speed of 150.75 mph on gas. 2123 was featured in its Bonneville Sorrell configuration in the December 1957 issue of Motor Life magazine.

The car led an uneventful life after Bonneville until the current owner acquired the car over 25 years ago. The aluminum Allard body was not installed and a Chevrolet small block mated to a Moss 4-speed provided the drive. 2123 was restored by Tivvy Shenton who installed a 390 in3 Caddy engine, three Stromberg 97 carbs, a Muncie transmission, and Harden safety hubs. The car retains the Halibrand quick-change rear that was installed before the Bonneville runs. After restoration, 2123 was vintage raced at Pocono and Watkins Glen.

The seller is the 5th owner of 2123 and notes that the history of the car is fully documented. Included is a 3-ring binder history supplied by Barry Burrell, son of Frank who was the Cadillac engineer who went to Le Mans with Sydney Allard in 1953. The car is also pictured in Joel Finn’s book titled, “Bridgehampton” on page 99. 

The J2 is located in Naples, Florida and is being offered for $275,000 OBO. Interested parties should email us at

For Sale: Allard K1-165

We are pleased to present Allard K1-165 for sale. This car was one of the earliest Allards exported to the US. This K1 was one of three cars exported on August 8, 1947 – these were cars 3, 4, and 5 that entered the US.  Our records indicate it was originally painted red with a brown interior.

The seller, John Miauccoro has owned the car for 12 years now, having raced it competitively with the VSCCA for 10 of those years – the owner before had raced it for 7 years prior starting in 2005. It has been raced up front at lime Rock, Watkins Glen New Jersey, and New Hampshire.

Back in 2015, the seller received an email from a gentleman by the name of David Ward he originally found the car in the late 50s and ended up purchasing it in 1960. Dave states that the car has always been green and has always had the small mouth grill.  He first saw the car in Michigan.

The car was on display at the Watkins Glen Auto Museum in the mid-70s where David Ward was the manager of the museum. Mark Perlmen was the previous owner to John and over the past 20 years it has been maintained to pristine condition. All documentation of each owner since Dave Ward will be passed on to the purchaser. 

The engine is a 390 Cadillac and was built by John Harden/Chris Campbell of The Vintage Connection in Oklahoma City. The engine has JE pistons, Eagle forged connecting rods, Competition camshaft, nitrate crank, billet timing gears, ported and relieved heads, high torque starter, and is adapted to a T4 Richmond close ratio transmission. It has custom headers and 350 CFM Carburetors. The engine has been dyno tuned between 362 hp at 6200 RPM and 401 hp at 6200 rpm. Over $23,000 was spent with The Vintage Connection building the motor and transmission. The rear end is a Ford 9 inch with drum brakes. The front brakes are Lincoln drums vintage 1946/48. The suspension has been fine-tuned with special rated springs and revised geometry. The seller states that this is a magnificent handling Allard and that you will enjoy it on both the Road and track.

The car is being offered for $90,000 and it is located in Albany, New York. Interested parties can contact the seller via email.

Allard For Sale: J2-1851, #15

A very special racing Allard has just come on the market. J2-1851, aka #15 is probably best known as the sister car to the famous West Coast racing J2-1850, aka #14 of owner Tom Carstens. You may recall that #14, as driven by Bill Pollack dominated pretty much every race it entered until it was nearly destroyed in a post-race demonstration lap at Pebble Beach in 1953. #15 was owned by Carstens racing partner Dave Fogg and you could say that Carstens drove for Fogg, just as Pollack raced for Carstens! In fact, Carsten’s raced and won in 1851 (original configuration) at the Pebble Beach Novice Race in 1951.

You could say things changed a bit for 1851 after the demise of 1850. Fogg and Carstens had learned a lot about the challenges brought about by front & rear suspensions of the J2, so they set about improving things with 1851. First off was the front suspension, which was converted to upper & lower transverse leaf springs, which eliminated the unfortunate variable wheelbase design of the J2. In the rear, the diagonal trailing arms were replaced with dual parallel trailing arms. The transmission was replaced with a nearly indestructible mid-30’s Cadillac LaSalle 3-speed…and then with a more competitive Jaguar 4-speed. The wheels were changed to Hallibrand’s. Finally, the most visible change was routing the exhausts out of the right side body cowell. These modifications allowed #15 (at the hands of Carstens) to dominate club racetracks and hill climbs in the Pacific Northwest until 1958 when the car was sold. 1851 maintains all its unique features that made it so competitive, which isn’t surprising since it was restored by Tom Carstens and Dave Fogg!

In case you were wondering, 1851 was ordered on December 19, 1950 and shipped on January 30, 1951. It was delivered to British Motor Car Sales in Washington. It was originally painted black with a red interior. 1851 was equipped with Cadillac engine mods, wire wheels, windshield, and top.

The original engine, complete documentation and comprehensive spares package are included. If you’d like to learn more about this car, contact Dobson Motorsports at 206-743-8525 or You can also visit their web site at We hope the car finds a new owner with someone who exercises the car regularly on the racetrack…where it belongs!

Click here to watch an interview on YouTube with Tom Carstens about #14 & #15.

Click here to read about Dave Fogg's early years with #15; "First Remembrances of Allard"

Click here to read Dave Fogg's detailed review of the modifications to #15 (it's very interesting!); "Much Modified Allard"

See below for a few old letters about 1851 from the Allard Register archives.

May-June 1977 issue, letter by Tom Carstens

April-June 1987 issue, Letter by Dave Fogg

For Sale: Allard K3 3192

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The Allard Register records show that 46 of the 63 Allard K3’s produced still exist. Chassis 3192 is one of the most original preserved Allard K3’s.

This car was delivered to Noel Kirk Motors on Los Angeles on July 9, 1953 where it was fitted with the 331 Cadillac engine and three-speed transmission that it still retains – along with left hand remote shifter located in the door well. 3192 was ordered with green paint and green interior and it still carries that original color combination (most K3 interiors have been redone in black or tan). The car was repainted and the original seats were re-done in 1990 prior to the Monterey Reunion. Also included are the original tool kit, Smith’s side jack, and chrome Noel Kirk badge.

The car’s original owner, Dan Schacht of LA, put 23,000 miles on it before knee problems forced him to park it in 1962. The current owner, Dr. Martin Allard (no relation to the UK Allard family), purchased the car in 1979. Despite the 17-year hibernation, the only work required was some minor tweaking to free up the stuck Lincoln Zephyr gearbox.

Martin has driven the car on a regular basis, putting about 26,000 miles on it over the past 35 years. In 2012 Martin and his K3 completed every mile of the North American Tribute Mille Miglia. This unrestored K3 was featured on the 1980 Allard Owners Club Christmas card, and looks just as handsome today as it did 34 years ago.

Martin has decided it is now time to part with 3192. This 2-owner car is located in Carmel, CA and is being offered for $165,000. Interested parties should the consignor Mohr Imports...please click here to contact the seller.

For Sale: Allard Safari

This Allard is quite unique. It’s an Allard Safari, essentially it’s an Estate (wagon) version of the P2. The P2 Safari, Monte Carlo, and K3 all carried essentially the same style of tube frame chassis with a J2X style split axle front suspension and DeDion rear end. The tube frame chassis was considerably stiffer than the formed channel chassis of the J2X. The car also features a left hand drive setup (the only Safari so configured) and an automatic transmission. Coupled with the 5.4 Liter Lincoln 368 V8, this was likely one of the most potent 50’s era wagons on the planet.

This car is chassis 4513, the thirteenth and last of the Safari’s built. This car was displayed at the 1955 Earl’s Court. The original owner, Dr. Elkingpon purchased the car some 2 years after it was built. He had it delivered to Vancouver Canada; and soon decided that he didn’t like how the front clip tilted up. This led him to commission a regular front end so he could have a bonnet…which really makes this Safari a one of a kind. The Car was sold after 10 years to the Wells family. Norman Scott purchased the car in 1989, followed by the current owner Doug Quantz.

The car was brought to the Monterey Historics in 1990 (Allard was the featured marque), where it was presumed a fake due to the front end. That’s when Allard engineer; Dudley Hume remembered transporting the car from the factory to Liverpool for shipment to Vancouver.

The asking price for this very rare and unique Allard is a reasonable $52,000 (US). If interested, please click here to contact the owner. 

Click here or the photo above to view the extensive photo gallery.

PS: Did we mention it's a woodie?

For Sale: Allard K3 3283


K3 3283 was one of the last Allard K3’s built and it was the last K3 exported to America on April 4, 1954. The car was sold by Allard’s new and short lived West Coast dealership, House of Allard. As with many K3’s, the car was well used in its early life. Unfortunately cars wear out and parts break, which is no big deal for a one of 1,000,000 Chevrolet…but for a one of 63 built Allard K3, finding replacement parts could be a challenge. Eventually 3283 ended up with a live rear axle, bucket seats, and a number of other minor modifications. The current owner, an enthusiast having owned several Allards, set out to return the car to its Allard roots, but with a few modifications like disc brakes and improved suspension to make it more drivable for extended periods. The car features a 390 Cadillac as installed by the original owner in 1959 and a 700 R4 Turbo Hydromatic 4-speed transmission installed by the current owner during restoration. The De Dion rear end was restored using  factory parts except for the inclusion of safety hubs adapted from the C-6 Corvette . 3283 is a dream to drive and will be ideally suited for a new owner that is looking to put some miles on a classic Allard. The car was repainted back to the original green, while the interior was converted to tan. Original or correct parts are included to retrofit modified components if desired. For example the car is now equipped with Wilwood Dynalite Pro Series front disc brakes , but the spares include the original Lockheed Dual Leading Shoe drum brakes near ready to install. The car is located in Las Cruces, NM and the owner is asking $120,000, negotiable.

Click here or any of the photos to several additional photos of K3 3283.

For Sale: Cadillac Engine Parts

West Coast Allard friend and Kurtis racer Joe Harding is clearing out his stock of 50’s era Cadillac engine parts. If you are interest in anything, contact him at The parts are located in the LA area. 



Pair of 1461727-8 with valves

 $         500

Pair of 1454022-3 with valves

 $         500

Pair of 1456439-40 bare head

 $         300

1454253-4 bare head

 $         300

Pair 1459736-7 with valves

 $         500

1454022-3 bare head

 $         300

Some of the heads are 390's, they have rocker shafts with them and will bolt straight to 331 blocks for a lot more power. The rocker shafts go with the 390 heads.



1456291 with heads 1454022 standard bore

 $      2,500

1456291 with heads 1456439

 $      2,000

1456291 short block +030 bore (has pilot bushing in crank for manual box)

 $         600

1460704 short block standard bore

 $         700

Core parts:


Water pumps (5)

 $         100

Generators (7)

 $         150

Valve covers (12)

 $           20

Push rods (42)

 $           20

Flex plates (5)

 $           20

Breather tubes (4)

 $           10

Starters (4) - 331's & 390's

 $         150

Fuel pumps (4)

 $           50

331 adapter bell housing to manual transmission (2)

 $         750

390 adapter bell housing to manual transmission (2)

 $         750

Intake manifolds with carbs 1949 – 1956 from $100 to $2,000 for a complete original tri-power set up.

Allard For Sale: M-808

Chassi #808 has been with the same owner for 20+ years. The car is mostly original with the exception of the cosmetics which appear to have been updated within the past 20 years. Cloth top is in good condition, windows and door latches work properly all the brakes, steering, etc. have been gone over. Carburetor was recently rebuilt; the car does not burn any oil and is in excellent original condition as far as the mechanical aspects are concerned. Our records conflict on the set notes the car was delivered to Bristol Street Motors on October 12, 1948 (or December 14), while another set notes it was delivered to Birmingham on October 4, 1948. The car has a blue exterior with brown interior (originally blue). The car is located in Astoria, NY. For more info, click here to visit Gullwing Motor Cars web site (selling the car for owner's family). The asking price is a reasonable $49,500.

Allard For Sale: Palm Beach 21Z-5155

21Z-5155 is back up for sale. The new owner picked up the car a few months ago and after putting all of the pieces back together again...was surprised to find that pretty much everything was there except for the engine and trans. The only other thing he didn't have was time. Too many projects mean this car is going back on the market. We issued the car a replacement chassis plate (many Allards have lost their original chassis plates over time). The car is being listed for $17,500, which is a bit steeper than the original price of $5,000 a few months ago. This situation is different now though, since the car is known to be mostly complete. We're not sure if it's $12,500 more complete, but interested parties can always make an offer. Click here to view the ad on and contact the seller. The car is in Turlock, CA (same town, different owner).

Allard K3 For Sale

We came across this K3 project car the other day on We contacted the seller to find out more about the car, but he’s chosen to withhold the vehicles history for serious buyers only. He did confirm that the K3 is one of the first 10 K3’s built. It includes a 331 Cadillac engine and 3-speed LaSalle gearbox. The car is local to the NY/NJ area and it has been off the road for 30+ years. Interested buyers should contact the seller by phone at 631-924-8863 or email Asking price is $45,000.

ED: After having some experience restoring a basket case K3, the car appears to be very complete (much more complete than ours!). Sure it needs a lot of work, but it’s all there, including the gauges.

For Sale: Allard K2 6015

9-30-14 UPDATE: Otto has listed the car with RM and it will be offered at RM's Hershey, PA auction on October 10. The car is listed as Lot #263 with an estimate of $80-100k. Click here to learn more about the car.
Click here or the photo above to view the extensive photo gallery

Otto Meijer has decided it’s time to part with his beloved K2. Otto acquired the car from Canada in 1985, which was in need of more than a little TLC. He restored the car over the next few years, to the condition you see it in today. The car is equipped with a Ford 302 V8 engine (1968) and a Ford 3-speed transmission (many Allards inherited “modern” engines when their original power plant expired). The wheels were converted (properly) from discs to 72-spoke wire wheels and are wrapped in 16 x 6.00 rubber. The hood was replaced without the special bubble and the car was repainted black.

When Otto acquired the car, there were signs of a previous fire in the bulkhead area, which claimed the number plate. Otto, along with the Allard Register have searched extensively to find the original chassis number, but unfortunately the original chassis number remains unknown. The Register has assigned it a temporary chassis number of K2-6015. It’s believed the original paint color was red, but that can’t be confirmed. One tip that may help, the windshield side curtain has a yellow Hawaii registration sticker from 1962.

To learn more about this K2, please click here to read a piece we published about the car and its unique history.

For Sale: Palm Beach Basket Case

The car above is an Allard Palm Beach, chassis 21Z-5155 – the ‘Z’ meaning that it was powered by a 6-cylinder Ford Zephyr engine. This car was the second to last Allard exported to the United States, shipping out on April 16, 1955 to the Allard Motor Company offices in New York. The car was originally painted red with blue interior. The current owner purchased the car in 1981, but none of the previous ownership history is known.

The car is essentially a basket case, but it includes all of the major bits: chassis, suspension, body, and a bunch of other bits and pieces. Other than that, the car is a blank slate. The purist could return it to its stock configuration, or one could drop in the drive train from a Nissan Z car, install disc brakes, strip the paint down to the bare aluminum and have quite the sleeper hot rod. Warning: stock Palm Beach chassis are not strong enough to handle the weight and power of a V8.

The car is located in Turlock, CA and is being offered for $5,000 OBO. Interested parties should contact the seller at

For Sale: Allard J2 #2090

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Allard J2 #2090, with UK license OUG601 was transported new to Leeds UK on 15 July 1951. The first owner was a Mr. R W “Dick” Petty who fitted it with a flathead Mercury engine. He raced it at Goodwood and other venues vs. Sydney Allard and Peter Collins.  Mr. Petty describes running against “the superior skills and equipment” of Allard and Collins in a 1961 letter to a subsequent owner, John Richards of Santa Paula CA. A photograph in the October 2009 Motorsport magazine shows a 1951 race at Goodwood, with Allard # 44 cornering in traffic with its partially obstructed UK license plate showing “…601”.  Dennis Carter, current President of the British Automobile Racing Club, very kindly provided me with a copy of the 18 August 1951 Goodwood program, listing car # 44 as Petty’s Allard. Sydney Allard is listed as racing car # 42. 

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What's my Allard worth?

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