For Sale: Allard K3 3283


K3 3283 was one of the last Allard K3’s built and it was the last K3 exported to America on April 4, 1954. The car was sold by Allard’s new and short lived West Coast dealership, House of Allard. As with many K3’s, the car was well used in its early life. Unfortunately cars wear out and parts break, which is no big deal for a one of 1,000,000 Chevrolet…but for a one of 63 built Allard K3, finding replacement parts could be a challenge. Eventually 3283 ended up with a live rear axle, bucket seats, and a number of other minor modifications. The current owner, an enthusiast having owned several Allards, set out to return the car to its Allard roots, but with a few modifications like disc brakes and improved suspension to make it more drivable for extended periods. The car features a 390 Cadillac as installed by the original owner in 1959 and a 700 R4 Turbo Hydromatic 4-speed transmission installed by the current owner during restoration. The De Dion rear end was restored using  factory parts except for the inclusion of safety hubs adapted from the C-6 Corvette . 3283 is a dream to drive and will be ideally suited for a new owner that is looking to put some miles on a classic Allard. The car was repainted back to the original green, while the interior was converted to tan. Original or correct parts are included to retrofit modified components if desired. For example the car is now equipped with Wilwood Dynalite Pro Series front disc brakes , but the spares include the original Lockheed Dual Leading Shoe drum brakes near ready to install. The car is located in Las Cruces, NM and the owner is asking $120,000, negotiable.

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