Allard Register #60

We are pleased to present you with issue #60 of the Allard Register. Please click here or the photo above to download the pdf version of our newsletter. Inside you will find a recap of the Sonoma Vintage Races, rebuilding a Cadillac 331, Bill Pollack imagines the Allard of the future, two K3's go on a play date, and the latest Allard news. We hope you enjoy!

Chart: Allard Production by Year

Click here or the chart above to download the full size pdf 

We thought you might it interesting to see a year by year chart of Allard production. This chart data is based on our chassis database, which was first created by Tom Lush for his definitive Allard book and then updated by the late Tom Turner and Bob Lytle. Over the past few years I have worked to clean up the database to improve the searchability and clean up bad references. The database continues to be a work in progress as we discover new (old) information. In the coming weeks, we'll post additional data from the database that we hope you'll find interesting.

Cheers, Colin Warnes

SCCA Archives From the Golden Age

If you're a sports car racing history buff, then you should check out The team at Sports Car Scan has accomplished the monumental task of scanning the magazine “Sports Car” (SCCA publication). The magazines have been scanned in a high resolution (300 dpi), color PDF format that is completely searchable. Every issue has been scanned from 1944 through 1970 – the “Golden Age of Auto Racing”. Issues include national/local race reports, entry lists, race schedules, photos, ads and feature articles Everything is copied to a USB flashdrive (PC and Apple compatible) and organized by year and month. There is an exclusive licensing and distribution agreement in place with the Sports Car Club of America so there are no copyright violations. The complete set is available for $375.

Here are just a few of the Allard related scans.

Tick Tock

One of our generous members sent us this amazing clock the other day for our archives. The free-standing clock is made from cast pewter and measures 8" wide X 5 1/4" tall and weighs several pounds. Little is known about the clocks except that they were made here in the US several years ago, with a limited run of 100...this is clock #14. The clock movement is nothing special, it's just a AA normal battery powered unit like you'd find in most wall clocks nowadays. If you know any more about these clocks, please let us know!


The Allard Brochures


We are pleased to share with you a complete (as far as we know it) set of the Allard Brochures. It took a while, but we've scanned & retouched all of the brochures in our archives. High resolution versions are available upon request. If you have any brochures that are not shown, we would like to get scans of them so we can post them here (Click here if you can help). You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these files.

Click here to view the brochures!


Cool Web Site -

(Click here or the photo above to visit the site) 

Here's an interesting web site that you need to check out, It's packed with scans of car Brittish car brochures and advertisements from the past. Sadly, there are no Allard brochures (yet), but there are over 80 Allard advertisements ranging from 1946 to 1957. The adverts are very interesting to look at, especially when compared to todays ads. Special thanks to Hermann Egges for creating such an interesting web site (and thanks to Kerry Horan for the telling us about it!).