Weekend Heroes 2


Tony Adriaensens is at it again...With the original Weekend Heroes sold out many years ago and the continuous demand he decided to make a revised and upgraded edition titled 'Weekend Heroes 2.' He started this new book on the 1950s California sports car racing scene almost 8 years ago and the result is a stunning 3-volume set of over 1500 pages, covering about 90% of the races and events between April 1950 (Sandberg hill-climb) and December 1957, the last race at Paramount Ranch. Both southern and northern California races are covered.

He intends to go printing in November 2019 with a pre-sale at €399 (around $450) instead of the retail price of €449 (around $500) exclusive shipping. Don't miss this one! Stay tuned for more info.

Orders are taken via PayPal using corsa@pandora.be - don't forget to enter name and address. DHL shipping for this 22lb beast is $56 to the USA and €25 to Europe.

We've had the pleasure of reading the original "Weekend Heroes" and it is amazing. The photography, history, quality, and heft...the price may seem expensive, but trust me, it's worth every penny. We’ve also helped identify various Allard photos for the second installment…all of which have never been seen before. If you are a fan of 50’s sports car racing…this book cannot be missed. CW

The Real Allard Story. "Hang on and shut up."

-By Bob Judd

It's tempting to see these cars as holy relics; vessels of memories, style and dreams.  Emblems of their art and time.

Well screw nostalgia.  My old Allard J2, (Chassis #2121, now owned by Martin Stickley - soon to be available for viewing at Amelia Island Concours D'Elegance next March), was a wild beast you rode bareback, no helmet, no seat belt, no nothing, your butt a few inches off the pavement, the pavement visible in the spaces between the aluminum floor panels.

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Cool Web Site - www.car-brochures.eu

(Click here or the photo above to visit the site) 

Here's an interesting web site that you need to check out, www.car-brochures.eu. It's packed with scans of car Brittish car brochures and advertisements from the past. Sadly, there are no Allard brochures (yet), but there are over 80 Allard advertisements ranging from 1946 to 1957. The adverts are very interesting to look at, especially when compared to todays ads. Special thanks to Hermann Egges for creating such an interesting web site (and thanks to Kerry Horan for the telling us about it!).