Found on Ebay: M2X2001

A real rarity popped up on Ebay in the UK the other M2X, aka "the Whale." 32 of these beasts were built, but only 2 are known to survive today in restored condition. This car, chassis 2001 was shipped to the US on June 4, 1951. It was originally painted green with natural leather interior. It features a Cadlillac V8 and was once a part of the late Brian Sharp's Allard collection. You can buy it now for 34,000 GBP ($55k).

An Allard Sunroof?

Most people think that the Allard Motor Company closed up shop after they built their last Palm Beach MkII in 1958. Not so. The Allard name was synonymous with speed in the UK and they built a thriving after market business. They had a partnership with Shorrock superchargers, built custom Ford Anglias, tuned suspensoins...they would even install a sunroof in your car! As you can imagine, very few Allard sunroofs have survived the elements, but we got a tip today from Scotty Bevis that one had shown up on Ebay! It's nothing fancy, but it's a testament to how ingrained cars were in the life of Sydney Allard. He could have easily closed up shop and joined the family construction business, but no, he kept on playing with and racing cars...thanks Syd!

The stuff you find on Ebay...

I've never seen one of these a sports coat with an Allard Owners Club - America patch sown on the breast pocket. The jacket is a size 42.

I must confess that the seller contacted me before posting the Ebay ad. It looks like the previous owner was in the military and the last name might have been "Harper." These assumptions were made because the coat was part of a lot purchased with military items that had the name Harper on them.

Click here to view the auction.

It's a small world...

Sometimes you get lucky. The other day I won an Ebay auction for an Allard brochure that I didn't have yet. Along with the brochure were a few other brochures and some old letters. The package arrived today and as I sorted through the items I noticed that both letters were dated from 1948. Upon further inspection; one of the letters was from J.B. Ferguson of Fergus Motors in NYC to Allan Cappy of Britain Motor Co. in Rochester, NY. Mr. Ferguson writes about receiving a used K1 that was imported in 1947 and was modified with a Grancor "Hot Rod" engine with over 150 hp. Grancor was of course Andy Granatelli's (STP) shop that also imported a few Allards. What's interesting is that the K1 in question must be chassis 108, that was recently sold on Ebay. Click here or the photo above to view the pdf.

For Sale: K1 #108 now on Ebay

After being auctioned last week for a reported $18,500 + buyers premium, Allard K1-108 has now been listed on Ebay. I spoke with an Allard owner who attended the auction and he said the car gathered a lot of interest. He says the car is in pretty good condition, all things considered. He also confirmed that the wood is in pretty good condition. The car is missing the waterfall grill (can be made in the UK) and the windshieldd. The bidding on ebay is currently just over $20,000, so that means our seller has made back his oringinal investment. Click here to go to Ebay...let us know if you buy it!

P.S.: for those of you who don't already know; this is the 2nd K1 built, the 8th production Allard, and the first Allard exported to the States. Here's what a properly restored K1 looks like...

Allard on Ebay - K2 1842

Thanks to Peter for pointing out this K2 that just popped up on Ebay. Not much is known about 1842 except that it was delivered to R/P Motors on January 16, 1951. It was originally Green with Red interior and fitted with a Cadillac motor upon delivery.

Please note this is NOT the K2 that was customized by George Barris and painted by Von Dutch.

Click here to view the post on Ebay. The owner is asking $175,000.