Page Updates: M2 & M2X

We've finally created pages for the M2 and M2X. Believe it or not, but we had to a fair amount of research to confirm which was which since the documentation we had was both poor and inconsistent. Special thanks to David Hooper for helping us sort through the details. Finally, we'd like to extend a special thank you to Don Milligan who supplied us with the M2X scanned photos (and kept after us to create the page). Don, now it's our turn to pester you to restore that M2X! Click the photo above to view the M2 page. Click the photo below to view the M2X page. Enjoy!

Found on Ebay: M2X2001

A real rarity popped up on Ebay in the UK the other M2X, aka "the Whale." 32 of these beasts were built, but only 2 are known to survive today in restored condition. This car, chassis 2001 was shipped to the US on June 4, 1951. It was originally painted green with natural leather interior. It features a Cadlillac V8 and was once a part of the late Brian Sharp's Allard collection. You can buy it now for 34,000 GBP ($55k).

ALLARD & The 1953 Redex Reliability Trial


By Chris Lowth

That original 1953 Redex Reliability Trial remains as a watershed in endurance rallies in Australia, up to that time it was the second longest trial ever staged in the world (the previous longest had been from New York to Paris in 1908). It was an expedition into the unknown.

It was organized by Dunlop executive Harry James, who in 1904 had organized Australia's first motor race meeting, a four event "demonstration" at Aspendale racecourse in Victoria. James, who was generally regarded as the father of Australian motor sport, was also a great-uncle to arguably the biggest name to ever grace an Australian racetrack Peter Brock.

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