The "Bitch" wins at the Concours d'Elegance of Texas

Attached are pictures from our latest Concours. We came away with Best In Class and Best Sport Car. It was a large turnout. We drove in the 50 mile tour on Friday, May 2nd and with exception of trying to overheat it was enjoyable to get the Bitch out and driving again after the winter time of trailer storage. We had a great time, but had to tow the car back home - we blew the radiator about 10 miles past Brenham, Texas and had to have two tow trucks, one to haul the car and another to haul the trailer. Came back Monday to pick up our tow car, which had just been repaired and was test driven only to find out it still had problems and parts must be ordered from Houston so----we spent the rest of the day and night in Brenham and on Tuesday drove back to the farm. Needless to say it was quite an expensive trip. Take care----Bill

2013 Santa Fe Concorso


Sante Fe was a good show even if we did not score, but we did get a "Sponsors Award" and a yellow ribbon. I had a reaction to a Shingles Vaccine shot and had to go to a doctor in Santa Fe for a shot in the behind and missed the 50 mile tour; however I let my two son-in-laws drive the Bitch. They had a great time and made the whole trip without any problems. Needless to say they were greatly impressed with the Bitch and her acceleration.
The "History Channel" interviewed me and will  make a film about the Bitch, and Allard in general, that will air some time next year. I will report the time if I can find out the exact date. I finally got around to painting the sign, "The Bitch", on the drivers side of the car. Made quite a stir and a good impression. We were surprised at the number of women that photographed the sign.
Hope everything is going well for you and yours---Bill Bauder

Report: Gathering the Clan, Texas 2011

-Words: Chuck Warnes         -Photos: Bob Weiner

Corinthian Vintage Auto Racing held their 20th Annual Vintage Fall Festival the weekend of November 4 – 6. Their gracious invitation to the Allard folks presented the second opportunity in the past eight years for us to enjoy their laid-back hospitality and company at the historic Texas World Speedway.

TWS is located just outside of the twin communities of Bryan/College Station TX, and dates back to its NASCAR origins of the ‘60’s. It began as a steeply banked two-mile oval, and over the years has evolved into a three-mile, fifteen-turn road course that continues to use about half of the original oval.

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