For Sale: P1 Special

This particular Allard is a hybrid. The original car was a P1 saloon, 4-seater (Chassis P 2240). The chassis was altered to the same dimensions as the J2. A small block Chevy 283ci, 4700cc was fitted, with a Mark 10 Jaguar independent back end which has a limited slip differential. It has GM inboard disc brakes. Aluminum body.

The owner used the car at a time trial at Paraparaumu Airport speed day, and was clocked at 0 - 100 kmh in 3.6 seconds.

The original car (Allard P1) was imported from the UK and registered in New Zealand on 30 April 1952, it only remained on the road for 8 years and then went to a farm for the next 40, until it was bought by the present owner in 2003 and worked on for 2 years.

It was re-registered on September 22, 2005. Photographs are available showing the rebuilding process, which were all certified.

For anyone wanting an exciting hill climb or drag racing special, this is it. This car was featured in Issue 47 of The Allard Register.

Asking Price: $29,990 (NZ)

386 Kapiti Road

Paraparaumu Beach

(04) 298 2886