Bluemel’s Brooklands Steering Wheels

The Allard Yahoo group recently had a great discussion about repairing or replacing Bluemel Brooklands steering wheels. Below are some excerpts from the discussion along with links to the suppliers mentioned.

…“I used the Eastwood steering wheel restoration kit for the Bluemel steering wheels on my J2 and K2, with satisfactory results. It is Eastwood #52194Z ( Bear in mind though, that this a patch, not a complete wheel rim replacement, and if the shrinkage of the remaining original Bakelite rim material continues, the cracks will reappear. If one decides to have someone other do the repair, I would assume that the same thing would happen, unless the entire Bakelite rim material is replaced.”

“…there are 2 companies I am aware of who repair the rims etc. they are: Pearlcraft in NSW Australia and Myrtle Productions in Kent, UK.

“….The Bluemells Brooklands steering wheel is now being reproduced from the original tooling by Kimble Engineering, Devon, UK. They cost around £220 ($350) for the rim and spoke set. The blue enamel badge and chrome seperators are also available from them as are the hubs etc. It depends on how good/or bad your wheel is as to whether you repair or renew. It's often easier and cheaper to renew.”

“…The Lucas steering wheel centre incorporating the horn push, indicator and dip switch is another matter. The centre of these burn away due to the high current passing through them from headlamps and are very difficult and fiddly to repair. I have repaired one and needed to fabricate various small sections and glue and screw them together.

There is a reproduction centre without the dip switch and is made to replace the early Triumph TR centre.  When replacing it all, I fitted a relay on the horn and headlight circuits to hopefully prevent future problems. If you do strip the centre down make copious notes of the wiring and "fiddly bits" and take lots of pictures of the assembly - good luck!”