Weekend Heroes 2


Tony Adriaensens is at it again...With the original Weekend Heroes sold out many years ago and the continuous demand he decided to make a revised and upgraded edition titled 'Weekend Heroes 2.' He started this new book on the 1950s California sports car racing scene almost 8 years ago and the result is a stunning 3-volume set of over 1500 pages, covering about 90% of the races and events between April 1950 (Sandberg hill-climb) and December 1957, the last race at Paramount Ranch. Both southern and northern California races are covered.

He intends to go printing in November 2019 with a pre-sale at €399 (around $450) instead of the retail price of €449 (around $500) exclusive shipping. Don't miss this one! Stay tuned for more info.

Orders are taken via PayPal using corsa@pandora.be - don't forget to enter name and address. DHL shipping for this 22lb beast is $56 to the USA and €25 to Europe.

We've had the pleasure of reading the original "Weekend Heroes" and it is amazing. The photography, history, quality, and heft...the price may seem expensive, but trust me, it's worth every penny. We’ve also helped identify various Allard photos for the second installment…all of which have never been seen before. If you are a fan of 50’s sports car racing…this book cannot be missed. CW

Red Wheels and White Sidewalls - Reviewed

In honor of the reprinting of Bill Pollacks racing memoirs, Red Wheels and White Sidewalls, we are reprinting our review of the book from issue #40 (Spring 2004). To buy a copy of the book, you can go to Amazon or to Bill's publisher, Brown Fox Books. Enjoy!


Many Allard enthusiasts got their initial inspiration from Tom Carsten’s immaculate white-walled, Cad-powered J2. Bill Pollack had the honor of piloting that imposing mass of adrenalin, testosterone, and charisma to outright victories in each of its five outings in 1951 and 1952. Bill continued his amateur racing activities for another 5 years after that car was destroyed in a post-race accident at Pebble Beach in 1953. During those years, he earned 18 more “podium” (in F1 parlance) finishes in 44 races.

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Book Review: “Anglo-American Cars, From the 1930’s to the 1970’s”


Written by Norm Mort, Veloce Publishing, 2009, 96 Pages. ISBN: 978-1-845842-33-8

 “Anglo-American Cars, From the 1930s to 1970s” is the latest book from Norm Mort from the “Those were the days…” book series by Veloce Publishing. The book is broken down by decade, and then alphabetically by manufacturer. “Anglo-American Cars …” presents a summary of each manufacturer, their principals, the cars they made, and the reason for their demise. The book is printed on heavy weight paper and features many interesting photos, most of which are in color.

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Allard - Limited Edition Ultra

Brooklands Books has just reissued the “Allard Gold Portfolio” under the new title, “Allard – Limited Edition Ultra”. The book is a compilation of Allard related magazine articles, road tests, and advertisements published over the past 60 years. This new edition contains most of the original content from the original “Gold Portfolio”, in addition to about a dozen recently published articles. The book is available online at Amazon.com for around $30.

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