Allards in Scale

As Allard enthusiasts, one of our pet peeves is that is that there are so few scale models of our beloved cars. Sure there are a few models from Kenna (K1 & K2) and Bizarre (J2), but nothing that's really unique. Recently we were contacted by a scale model enthusiast Niek van der Mark from the Netherlands about the paint colors of the Abbott Special (a special coupe based on the Palm Beach). After some digging (and help from David Hooper), we were able to confirm the lower body was light green with a cream roof.

We were pleased to check our email the other day when we found an email from Niek with photos of his latest creation. Also included were photos of a number of Niek's other Allard creations including a GT, JR, K1, K2, K3, P1, and L-type. If you're wondering where you might pick one of these up...they might be kind of hard to come by. The Abbott and GT were made by a small company TW, who made small batches (5-6) of cast metal (body in white) 1:43 classic sports cars back in the 80's. As you can see Niek has an impressive eye for detail.

Hopefully with the advent of 3D printing, we'll start to see more Allard scale models. 

Bizarre 1/43 Scale J2 Model


The J2 scale model shown here is from Bizarre (, which is a maker of very well finished mass-produced resin models. As the name suggests, subjects chosen are among the more unusual cars and marques. The models are developed by Fernando Pinto, and are made in China.

The model is a good representation of chassis J2 #1971 as restored by Wayne Adams .

The model is well proportioned, and offers a good general representation of the car.  The paint finish is good, as is the general detailing for a car of this price bracket (under £40/$60), right down to the leather bonnet and spare wheel straps and the passenger grab handle on the dashboard. 

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