Bizarre 1/43 Scale J2 Model

The J2 scale model shown here is from Bizarre (, which is a maker of very well finished mass-produced resin models. As the name suggests, subjects chosen are among the more unusual cars and marques. The models are developed by Fernando Pinto, and are made in China.

The model is a good representation of chassis J2 #1971 as restored by Wayne Adams .

The model is well proportioned, and offers a good general representation of the car.  The paint finish is good, as is the general detailing for a car of this price bracket (under £40/$60), right down to the leather bonnet and spare wheel straps and the passenger grab handle on the dashboard. 

Obvious superficial differences between Wayne’s car and the car as it ran in the Mille Miglia are that the MM car had its competition number on the bonnet, as was standard for the event:  Wayne’s car has sprouted central and a nearside mounted rear view mirrors:  and the bonnet bulge on Wayne’s car has a grille on the front, which is not apparent on the Mille Miglia car.  All of these features of Wayne’s car are faithfully recreated on the Bizarre mode, as is the modern looking red and white fuel switch decal on the dashboard.

The only differences that are apparent between Wayne’s car and the Bizarre model is that the model has 4 rear exiting exhausts, whilst Wayne’s car has side exiting pipes, and the headlight bodies on the model are black - on Wayne’s car they are chromed.

ED: Special thanks to Chris Davies, a scale model enthusiast for contributing this review and photos of his Bizarre J2 model. In addition to collecting 1/43 scale models, Chris enjoys researching the models and writing up their history showing the models alongside period photos. Click here to view the document that Chris created for J2 1971. Thanks again Chris for sharing your time and talent!

Bizarre also offers three other versions of this model, Fred Wackers 8 Ball #2086 and the Le Mans racers #1578 and #2137. These models can be purchased online from: