That's a lot of silver...

The Wick brothers were longtime friends of Sydney Aallard and enjoyed much success in his cars. Over the years, Maurice (left) and Cyril (right) had owned several Allards including a pre-war special, a J1, two M's, and the J2 pictured above. Sadly, Maurice passed in 1981, but Cyril still leads a very active life. As you can see, the Wick brothers were very succesful in motorsports.

Allard K1 #156

Our friends over at "Gettin' a lil' Psycho on Tyres" have posted their third Allard post in as many weeks. Click here or the photo above to view their post on the K1 #156 that's at the Haynes International Motor Museum in Somerset, UK. This particular car was raced in the 1947 Alpine Rally by Len Potter to 5th in class, or 17th overall. It was part of a three car team, consisting of Goff Imhoff and Maurice Wick who failed to finish. The cars were apparently painted red, white, and blue...think of it as a precursor to the Italian Job.