Monaco Historique, 2016

This year, four Allards showed their stuff at the Monaco Historique in mid May. The cars ran well, with all of them finishing 18th or higher out of 36 cars. Til Bechtolsheimer placed a strong third with Patrick Watts coming in two places back at fifth; both were in J2's. Bob Francis finished 17th in his J2 and Massimo Bettati finished just behind in his J2X. Massimo was frustrated as he would have finished in ninth, but he accidentally cut a chicane and received a 25 second penalty. Shown below are Bob, Til, Massimo, and Patrick enjoying a nice day in Monaco.

(Special thanks to Terry Allard for retouching the photo above to correct the original photo coloring!)

2012 Monaco Historique Race Report


From Massimo Bettati…

It was a sunny weekend for the 8th Gran Prix de Monaco Historique. Our Allard was one of 24 cars entered in the Series C, for pre 1953 sport and sports prototypes cars.

Our class had 3 Allards. Our Allard, J2X 3053 is British Racing Green RHD, reg ORL 320. Next up was the always competitive Patrick Watts (an ex pro driver) in the black J2 1965, reg MTA 635. Finally, the American, Alan Patterson (still racing at 80 years old!) with his red J2X #3072.

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7th Grand Prix de Monaco Historique


On May 1st & 2nd, the streets of Monaco were closed for the 7th Edition of the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique. I’m a big fan of modern formula one, but nothing beats vintage race cars tearing through the tight, twisting, and undulating streets of Monaco. Racing at Monaco has largely been for Grand Prix Cars, but for a few years in the 1950’s they raced Sports Cars. It’s for this reason, that out of the 8 race groups, one is reserved for Sports Cars from the late 40’s & early 50’s. It should be noted that in 1952, two Allard J2X’s were raced by Anthony Hume and Fernando Mascarenhas, but did not finish.

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