2012 Monaco Historique Race Report

From Massimo Bettati…

It was a sunny weekend for the 8th Gran Prix de Monaco Historique. Our Allard was one of 24 cars entered in the Series C, for pre 1953 sport and sports prototypes cars.

Our class had 3 Allards. Our Allard, J2X 3053 is British Racing Green RHD, reg ORL 320. Next up was the always competitive Patrick Watts (an ex pro driver) in the black J2 1965, reg MTA 635. Finally, the American, Alan Patterson (still racing at 80 years old!) with his red J2X #3072.

For the first practice qualifying session on Saturday, Patrick Watts was very fast and did the 3rd best time in the group with a 2:10.905, but had engine problems and ran only 6 laps. First qualifier was Alex Buncombe with a Jaguar C type with 2:04.617 and 2nd was John Ure with a 2:10.573 in a Frazer Nash Le Mans. I qualified 13th with a 2.19.919 and Alan Patterson clocked in at 2.42.082.

In the late afternoon the 2nd qualifying practice session was held. Patrick Watts unfortunately missed the practice due to continued engine problems. I made significant progress and recorded a 2.13.101 lap time, good for 7th position on the grid. Alan Patterson made 2:42.364 and was able to qualify his car for the race.

Our 10 lap race on Sunday started at 10:35, with the starting grid:

1st: Buncombe, Jaguar C type
2nd: Blakney, Frazer Nash Le Mans
3rd: Ure, Frazer Nash Le Mans
4th: Monteverde, Jaguar C type
5th: Watts, Allard J2 (repaired in time for the race)
6th: Wigley, Gordini T23s
7th: Bettati, Allard J2X.

It was a very fast start for the two Allards. Patrick was up to 4th and I was just behind in 5th because of a bad start for Monteverde in the C type. Unfortunately Patrick’s engine problem returned and he was out of the race. I was overtaken by the fast Monteverde C type and the light Gordini and made a strong battle with another Jaguar C type of David Wenman. Even the other Frazer nash of Blakney was out of the race for engine problem. At the end the results was:

1st: Buncombe, Jaguar C type
2nd: Ure, Frazer Nash Le Mans
3rd: Monteverde, Jaguar C type
4th: Wigley, Gordini T23s
5th: Wenman, Jaguar Ctype
6th: Bettati, Allard J2X (only 3 seconds back from 5th!)
Alan Patterson improved his time with a 2.39.402

A very good result for the Allard team!!! My J2X drove very well on the track. The handling was good, now I only have to improve the brakes!