Old Magazine Covers, Part 14

The 4th issue of Vintage Motorsport from 1990 is probably the 'Holy Grail' of magazines for Allard enthusiasts. Pretty much the entire issue is devoted the Allard Motor Company. Why would a magazine do you such a thing? Well, Allard was the featured marque at the 1990 Monterey Historics...and by (no) coincidence Allard enthusiast Syd Silverman (our benefactor) also happened to own Vintage Motorsport at the time. If you can find a copy of this one...buy it.

Old Magazine Covers, Part 12

Today's cover is from the August, 1938 issue of Motor Sport...and it's probably the oldest magazine featuring an Allard on the cover. The cover caption reads, “The 3-hour sports car race…K. Hutchinson (Allard Special) takes the last curve leading to the finishing straight on the Campbell Circuit.” The Campbell Circuit at Brooklands was first raced in 1937, but the land was soon pressed into war service in 1939. The Lincoln V-12 powered ELX 50 was built for Ken Hutchinson. According to Tom Lush’s book, Hutchinson and Sydney co-drove the car ran “faultlessly” except for a broken fan belt that was fixed within five minutes. The team finished 9th overall, completing 74 laps at an average speed of 56.5 mph. Not bad for the Allards first real road race.

Special thanks to Kerry Horan for sharing this with us.

Old Magazine Covers, Part 11

This is another one of our favorite Allard covers. It features Editor John Bond (doing his best Fidel Castro impression) at the wheel of a J2X in the dirt. Additionally, this issue features a 2-page spread on the Allard company. As usual, you can find these issues on Ebay for $5-10.

Correction: The driver was actually Richard Losee. A correction that R&T published 15 years later!

Old Magazine Covers, Part 4

I'm curious, why don't modern sports car magazines shoot their cars in the dirt anymore? Nothing says exagerated speed like a big plume of dirt...

The June 1950 issue of 'Motor Trend' is a must have if you're a fan of collecting Allard related magazines. Not only is there a great cover photo, but this issue also has a review & cut away drawing of a K1, coverage of the J2 introduction in New York, and a few great Allard distributor advertisements. I picked this issue up on Ebay for $10 (including shipping).

Old Magazine Covers, Part 1

Today we're starting a new feature highlighting the old magazine covers that have featured Allards. If you're interested, most of these old magazines can be found on Ebay or in a good used book store - if you're lucky.

Our first cover, comes from "True, the Man's Magazine" which features Erwin Goldschidt's J2, presumably racing at Watkins Glen. Unfortunately all we have is the cover of the magazine so we don't know what stories are within or even what year it was published in. All I know is, the cover art is amazing!