A few walk arounds of old #65

Seeing that video the other day of that poor guy attempting to drive Bob Lylte's J2X inspired me to dig through my Monterey archives. I put together the footage you see here of Bob getting ready to practice at Monterey in 2006...and of Bob's car just before it was auctioned at RM. Seeing this footage was bittersweet and brought back a lot of fond memories. In the next week I'll post a gallery that shows off the guts of J2X 3162...I doubt you've ever seen a J2X like it. Cheers!

Allard For Sale - K3 3261

Powder blue K3, chassis #K3-3261 with a Cadillac engine and Hydramatic transmission. The car was originally delivered to Noel Kirk Motors on September 16, 1953 and sold to D. Sanderson of Las Cruces, NM. The car was then purchased by Gary Peacock in 1977 who commissioned a complete restoration in the late 80’s. Upon Gary’s passing in 2009, Bob Lytle purchased the car who started a minor refreshing of the car. Upon Bob’s passing, his friends (including Allard GT owner Bob Girvin) helped complete the project. The car is located just outside of Phoenix, AZ. Contact Elaine Duden-Lytle at elsedu27@msn.com. Asking $125,000 OBO. Click here to view additional photos.

Monterey Reflections – 2010


Some changes have taken place with the “Monterey Historics” since General Racing turned the reins over to SCRAMP (Sports Car Racing Ass’n of the Monterey Peninsula). They include:

  • The official name is now the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion.
  • Official practice sessions started on Thursday – making this more of a four-day event.
  • The field of entrants has increased by half. More than 700 cars were entered in 19 separate classes – compared with 450 in previous years.
  • Some classes have been re-configured – the two classes of pre-WWII cars have been combined into one.
  • Attendance at the Monterey “Pre-Historic Races” that take place the previous weekend are now open to the public (for a price), and have been re-named the Pre-Reunion.
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RM Auction Preview - Bob Lytle's J2X #3162

On August 13, RM Auctions will sell Allard J2X #3162 (Lot 230) . To most, this is just another J2X; to me however, this is one of the most important Allards ever made. Ever since I was a kid, my dad would take me to the Monterey Historics; then he bought a basket case Allard K3. From that point on, my dad developed a friendship with All Knowing Allard Nut, Bob Lytle; and I fell in love with his black #65 J2X. For many years I dreamt that Bob would call me up to tell me he couldn’t race at Monterey that year and would ask if I wanted to race his car. Sadly that call never came, and unfortunately my dad and I lost a great friend to cancer this past December.

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Bob Lytle, Remembered


Ardent Allard enthusiast, archivist, historian, ambassador, and accomplished racer – and my good friend – Bob died on December 13th with his family by his side.

I first met Bob several years ago at the Monterey Historic Races. It did not start as a face-to-face meeting, because my first view of Bob was his long legs sticking out from under his J2X. “Hi Bob. It’s Andy.” I said. “What’s going on?”

“Damn diff is coming loose. Pass me the nine-sixteens, will you?” Greasy fingernails were followed by several beers and a long chat.

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Bob Lytle - The Last Checkered Flag

I just received word that Bob Lytle has taken his Last Checkered Flag. Bob fought a long fight with cancer and now he’s finally at peace.

‘Cottonwood’ Bob (aka ‘Spur Gear’) was a larger than life personality and he served as the Allard Register and was a fixture on the west coast vintage racing circuit in his Black #65 Allard J2X.

Bob requested that no memorial service be held…but please feel free to leave a comment below with your remembrances of Bob. A more fitting obituary will follow…

Bob was a good friend and I will miss him.

All the best,
Colin Warnes