Mystery Car, L-315

We received the letter below from an Allard owner that would like some help in tracking down the history of his car...

I hope that your readers can help me identify the full history of my Allard L-Type, chassis 71L-315 but I was not very successful.

My Allard has a "custom made" 2-seater body on the long 112 inch wheelbase chassis. Hood, front and rear wheel arches are made of steel. The front panels, doors and tail are made of aluminum. First I assumed the rear bodywork is a fiberglass shell, but as I scraped some color from inside the bodywork, bare metal occurred and yes, it has a wooden sub-frame. As far as I know the original paintwork was black and the car was delivered in January 1948 to the official Allard dealer in Belfast/UK. In spring 1989 the car was offered on the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale/AZ, but was not sold. In summer 1989 the car was sold to Switzerland. From this time on the history is known.

I hope some Allard enthusiasts in the US will know the missing link of the history. Thanks very much for your support!

Kind regards,

Our records indicate that the car was originally delivered with a full body and painted black with brown interior. It was delivered to Hamilton's in Belfast on January 5, 1948. If you know anything about this car, please click here to contact us.