The Steyr Revisited


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We have welcomed the opportunity to share several excellent articles about Sydney Allard’s Steyr-powered racer over the years. The first was Kerry Horan’s 2002 article (AR 33 The STEYR-ALLARD Runs Again! – Shelsley Walsh 2001) where he detailed how he painstakingly restored the car to its 1949 hillclimb configuration. This was in preparation for some demonstration runs at Shelsley Walsh, where Sydney Allard drove the car at Shelsley Walsh’s 50th Anniversary in 1951.

The second piece was in 2003 (AR 37 The Steyr Wins Again!) where Kerry described their experiences at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, including their winning run up the hill, capped with “a ‘Hollywood Finish,’ when one of the cylinders failed in a most spectacular manner, just as it crossed the finish line.”

David Hooper provided some great insight in early 2006 (AR 43 Resurrecting The Steyr) when he relates his first-hand experience with the Steyr’s first restoration in when Sydney Allard bought his old racer back in the early 1960’s. This includes his personal driving impressions while participating in two hillclimbs, and also the UK Drag Festival.

Later in 2006 Alan Tiley shared his insight (AR 44 Another Look at the Steyr) based on his first hand experiences when David and he were apprentices together at Allard, along with some of his experiences owning the car before he sold it to Kerry Horan.

We truly appreciate the opportunity to share information from these dedicated folks about the history, restoration, and second life of this unique and intriguing vehicle. We hope that the car’s new owner continues to enjoy and make use of this car as Sydney intended.

-Kerry Horan