Allard Register Web Site Update

We're pleased to report that much of the basic web site is operational now.

Car Pages: The majority of the car pages have been posted from the old site, and we hope to upgrade them soon with more detailed write ups, additional photos, and pdf brochures.

Archives: Probably the most significant upgrade to the site is the addition of 80 past issues of the 1st generation of the Allard Register dating back to 1971. These back issues contain a wealth of interesting information and stories. Additionaly, we have all of the back issues of the 2nd generation Allard Register dating from 1988 to the present.

We Need Your Help! As stated previously, this web site is much more interactive and easier to update. You can post a comment on any article (coming soon!) and we can quickly and easily update the site. If you would like to add something, let us know by clicking here.