The Moss Files, Part 6

In this instalment, Al writes to the AMC about his near success at the first Pebble Beach Road Race, which very likely would have resulted in an Allard victory if it weren't for a bit of bad luck! Mr. Moss also provides some constructive criticism while sharing a bit of growing frustration with the build quality of the cars. Click here or the image above to read the 2 page letter.

The Moss Files, Part 2

Here's a great letter from January 30, 1950. Mr. Davis is writing to Al about Roy Richter who's Bell Auto Parts have been given the rights to sell the J2...the only problem is that Bell Auto Parts is located within Moss Motors' exclusive sales territory. Additionally, Mr. Davis also outlines all of the exterior paint, interior leather, and cloth top colors. Click here or the photo below to view the pdf.

The Moss Files, Part 1

Apart from being a shrewd businessman, Al Moss was also a historian. Whereas most Allard dealers tossed out their old papers, Al saved a treasure trove of air mail letters and telegram correspondence between himself and the Allard Motor Company. We are pleased to announce that Al has passed this documentation onto us so we can share them digitially with all Allard enthusiasts. Over time, we'll share the more interesting documents.

To get us started, here's a letter from the Guv'nor himself. This is the only letter from Sydney addressed to Al. All other correspondence was from either Mr. Davis (Export Manager) or the Service Department. Click here or the image below to view it as apdf. Enjoy!