The Glen in Ten - Recap

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Twenty-two Allards and upwards of fifty Allard owners, family members, and enthusiasts gathered at Watkins Glen on the 2nd weekend of September. Overseas visitors included Mike and Diana Knapman, David Hooper and Pat Lee from the UK; and Rob and Margie Boult from New Zealand.  

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The Allard Atom


By David Hooper

The ‘Atom’ project originated from Ronnie Green the promoter of Wimbledon Speedway who placed an order with the Company to build a prototype 500cc JAP powered small ‘dirt track’ style car. In the 50’s speedway was beginning to lose its appeal due to rather processional racing with little overtaking, and the winner usually being the leader after the first corner – nothing new!

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Allard Quick Change Differential

By David Hooper

In 1952, the Allard Motor Company offered a modified dead axle assembly for the J2X complete with removable center section to allow the Halibrand quick change differential to be easily retrofitted to the USA cars. Due to high import costs, it was not cost effective to import quick change differentials from the USA. However, due to interest from existing Allard owners plus HWM, it was decided to make an Allard version.

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