SOLD - Allard J2-1698

Details: Delivered January 26, 1951, Chassis # J2 1698, Engine #  8M931, Red with red interior, Shipped to Gardiner’s Motor Service, Sydney. Factory records show this car was shipped with the above-mentioned engine number (most exported Allards were shipped without an engine).

Sold immediately to Jack Murray.

This car was raced with a Cadillac motor which, it is understood, was installed by Murray in Sydney. The Cadillac motor was subsequently given the number N57110P.

This car’s first Bathurst race was the October 1951 meeting (not the ’51 Easter meeting as has been reported elsewhere). Raced by Murray, who tended to confine his racing to the northern states, through to 1955, including to fourth place in the 1952 Australian Grand Prix held at Bathurst, and in the 1954 Australian Grand Prix at Southport Qld, where it did not finish.

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