The Moss Files, Delivery Day.

Along with the paper records that the late Al Moss donated to our archives, he also shared with us a number of rare color slides. The first batch of slides presented today give us a look at what it was like to take delivery of a new Allard in the US. These are the "skeleton" crates that all exported Allard cars were shipped in. Additionally, we get to see the joy of a new owner, in this case Basil Panzer receiving his new car. What an exciting day it must have been! The cars were delivered to Al's first shop, which he shared with Jack Gilchrist on 3200 W Olympic Blvd. Both cars were shipped from the Allard factory in late April of 1950. The black J2 of Bazil Panzer is chassis #1571 and the silver/grey L-type is chassis #1701 was ordered by Morgan Sinclair. We should note that the J2 was soon raced by young Phil Hill up Pikes Peak, more on that coming soon...

Al Moss Remembered

When you say “Moss” to motorsports aficionados, the name, “Stirling,” or “Sir Stirling” comes to mind. But for those who collect, restore or refurbish classic cars, it’s just as probably “Moss Motors.” Al Moss established and developed the company that became the largest supplier of classic and sports car parts. When many older cars would have had to be scrapped because repairs were possible without parts, Moss came to the rescue.
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Al Moss, The Last Checkered Flag

We just received news that Allard distributor Alan 'Al' Moss just passed away at the age of 80. Al was a legend in the West Coast sports car scene...ever heard of Moss Motors? It's tough to even start describing Al's amazing life. Not only was he an entrepenuer, but he was an absolute character and jokester. I am honored to have had the brief chance to get to know the man...enjoying several long phone calls reminicing about Allard's and the people that raced them. We'll come back soon with a more fitting tribute to this legend.

The photo above is of Al Moss sitting in Hastings Harcout's J2X in front of Ak Miller's shop.

God speed Al.

PS: The Allard Register was honored when Al passed on all of his Allard correspondence to us. To read some of it, just type 'Moss' into our search bar.

The Moss Files, Part 3

Today's installment features a letter from Mr. Davis confirming Moss Motors as a distributor. It's interesting to note that the J2 was not priced at a fact it was their most affordable car! This isn't a big surprise since the J2 is such a simple car in comparison to the K2, P, and M-types. As a bonus, page 2 is a brief announcement of Allard's 3rd place finish in Le Mans just a day earlier. Click here or the photo above to view the 2-page pdf.

The Other Moss...

By Chuck Warnes

I’ve just finished reading Alan Moss’ delightful, light-hearted autobiography entitled “The Other Moss – My Life With Cars and Horses.”

E. Alan Moss (he refuses to divulge what the “E” stands for) opened a foreign car repair shop Los Angeles in the late 1940’s, and also tried his hand at a couple of import car dealerships. One such venture was his role as the West Coast distributor for Allard in the early 1950’s. The Allard Register #39 (Summer 2004) issue is largely devoted to abstracts of insightful, and often frank correspondence between Moss and Allard in The Moss Files.

Over the next few years Moss Motors segued into after-market parts sales when he published his first MG parts catalogue in 1962.  Moss Motors had become an industry leader in that field by 1977, when Al sold out to a friend and went into a semi-retirement. Many of us have had occasion to use Moss Motors’ services for our Allard and British car projects.

In this book Alan also shares his sports car racing experiences from the early 50’s, along with his role in helping to organize and officiate sports car competitions in the early days of the sport on the West Coast.

He has since moved to Sedona AZ, which has served as his base for vintage racing his 1948 MGTC that he has owned since new, along with a stint of rebuilding and racing a Morgan trike.

Alan’s closing line in this book, “Remember, it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.” is a fitting summary to a life well lived.

If you’d like buy a copy of the book you can send Al a check for check for $22. Postage is included and he would be happy to sign each one if so desired. Al’s address is below:

Alan Moss
1015 Soldier Pass
Sedona, AZ 86336