Amelia Island Auction Preview

Sorry for the late start on this, but both RM and Goodings will feature one Allard each at their auctions. As usual, please click on the links or photos below to visit the auction page for each car.

RM: Allard K2, chassis #2029
Our records indicate the car was originally intended to go to Holland, however at some point this was changed and it ended up going to R/P Motors in NYC on June 7, 1951. The original colors were intended to be blue with red interior, however this too was changed during the order process to bronze. This car was also ordered with the DeDion rear suspension (FACT: if you wanted a K2 with wire wheels, you could only get them if you ordered the DeDion option!). This car also features fender mounted spare wheels. Of the 117 K2's built, only a handfull came equipped with the DeDion/wire wheels setup and the fender mounted spares. The  car features a 331 Cadillac with a 3-speed transmission. This car is Lot #149 at RM and will be sold on Saturday March 10. The estimate is $100,000 - $125,000.

Goodings: Allard K3, chassis #3189
Our records indicate this K3 was ordered on October 24, 1952, through the Allard Motor Company of New York City. It was ordered Chrysler modifications and painted silver with green leather upholstery and a fawn-colored top. The car was delivered to Leonard D. Henry of New York City on March 18, 1953. The car features a 331 Hemi with dual carbs and a 4-speed transmission. This car is lot #8 and will be sold on Friday March 9. The estimate is $150,000 - $180,000.

Also of note, RM: 1958 AC Aceca Coupe
One of our members will be selling his AC Aceca coupe to possibly fund the aquisition of another Allard. Please help him fund his addition by considering the purchase of this unique AC. This car is lot #148 at RM and the estimate is $95,000 to $115,000.