Chasing Classic Cars!

In case you missed it, the best episode of Chasing Classic Cars aired last week. Why was it the best? The show featured Bill Bauder's J2X, affectionately known as "the Bitch". Bill's not shy about admitting that he's getting older and that it's been getting harder for him to drive the car, especially for longer periods. Well, Bill's son in law decided to contact Wayne Carini from the TV show "Chasing Classic Cars" and told him that Bill was interested in selling his J2X. Wayne jumped at the chance to buy a J2X before it came on the market* and flew out to Bill's house in Texas. Wayne went for a drive in the car and was hooked...the only problem? Bill wasn't ready to sell. I spoke with Bill the other day and he recounted that he and "the Bitch" had been together for over 50 years...he just couldn't bear to part with her. After agonizing over it for a few weeks, Bill realized the J2X needed to go to a new home. Bill called Wayne and the deal was done (last December!).

While talking with Bill, I asked his impression of the episode and how accurate the meeting at his house was presented. He said the episode accurately represented their meeting, but it was obviously shorter than the few hours they spent together. They gave him one weeks notice before Wayne and the crew came out - Bill also had no idea that Wayne was coming to hopefully buy the car! A few interesting 'behind the scenes' notes from the show...

  1. The car has a "the Bitch" decal on the driver's side of the car...the decal was blurred out during the show and no reference was given to the is a family show.
  2. The engine was referred to as a Ford V8, but no specifics were given. In reality it's a surplus Holman Moody V8 that was sold after NASCAR changed the regulations. Bill doesn't have official proof that it's an HM engine, but he said that it came in a Holman Moody crate! I'm sure Wayne can find out if the engine is authentic by tracking the serial number.
  3. When Wayne took delivery of the car, there was two feet of snow on the ground...clearly the segment below was filmed a few months after delivery!

If you get a chance, check your TV listing on the Velocity Channel to catch a rerun of the episode. If you can't find it on TV, you can watch a short clip from the show below. I'm sure a copy of the full episode will show up on YouTube soon. You should take some time to watch the episode, it's a emotional show and you really get a sense for how much Bill loved his J2X. Bill said that Wayne told him he intends to keep the car as part of his collection, we hope he does! However, Wayne does sell cars for a living, so you never know...

*Note: We have currently have a list of six people that are seriously interested in buying J2X's. If you are thinking about selling your car. Click here to let us know.