We always love getting mail...and it was a pleasure to receive this message from Roger Murray-Evans this morning...

"Didn't know if you had this picture of TGT703 (P2-4512). Taken in the car park of Dralla House, offices, I believe of Adlard Builders. If I'm wrong I'm sure I'll be corrected pdq!

The car was registered for road use 12th October 1956 and used by Sydney until it  was sold on to Eric Alexander on 15th January 1958. Still painted Allard mid blue at that time, so this photo was obviously taken later, perhaps having been returned to Allards for re painting before going to the next owner,
John Williams on 11th September1962. John did the odd competitive event in the car and the AOC newsletter of May 1963 reports John having competed at a Pembrey sprint over the standing quarter mile recording 17.12secs, good enough for second place behind a MK2 Jaguar in the saloon class. The car was laid up with water pump failure in 1966, and was sold by his widow after he passed away in 1978.

Having passed through 3-4 subsequent owners it never found it's way back to the road.Currently still in the middle of a protracted restoration by me, realistically another 3-4 years will see the car back in good health."

Thanks for writing Roger, We look forward to hearing how the restoration goes. Perhaps you'll be racing in the Goodwood saloon class in a few years?