New Allards: Allard Motor Cars

Bacak in 2011, Jason Wharton created Allard Motor Cars in the UK with desire to build a continuation series of Allard J2X-Le Mans cars. However, after listening to feedback from prospective customers, Jason has changed his plans and now intends to develope a modern interpretation of the J2X Le Mans...which is shown here. From Jason...

"It will be called the ‘Allard™ Le Mans’ and it will have a modern chassis, suspension or brakes, the chief designer & chief engineer are both British but their identity is confidential, we will of course use 2D, 3D & CAD and other technology to produce a authentic, durable and very high quality car, but which at the same time will give the driver a retro design, experiential delight, simple but powerful dynamics. We do have funding and the price of the car will be announced in due course, but it will be in the range $150,000 – 250,000.

We are keen to receive any feedback from all Allard enthusiasts as to the merits of this project in any respect, but especially any thoughts or views on the concept designs, the preferred choice of engine, transmission, whether they might want to buy one, indeed any views at all, above all, what they consider to be the essential ‘DNA’ of an ALLARD, what is special for them about the brand, the heritage, the cars, that sort of thing, as much feedback would really help in the next few months prior to Start of Production (SOP) in 2014."

If you'd like to give Jason your feedback, please click here to send him an email.