Save the Brighton Speed Trials!

As an Allard enthusiast, we ask that you take a moment to sign an online petition to help save the Brighton Speed Trials. You may recall that a competitor was tragically killed during the 2012 event. In the wake of the accident, the Brighton city council would like to permanently discontinue this historic event. Yes, the loss of a life is very unfortunate, but all competitors that participate in motorsports realize that it is an inherently dangerous activity. Much has been done to make motor racing safer, so much so that back in the 60's and 70's, death was commonplace, but today thankfully it has become a rarity. However that is no reason to cancel an event that has brought so much joy to competitors and spectators around the world for over 100 years.

Fortunately the Brighton and Hove Motor Club aren't throwing in the towel. They've created a e-petition with the Brighton & Hove City Council to hopefully change some minds on the city council. As of today, the petition has almost 6,100 signatures. Please click here to add your name to the list!

You may be asking why Allard enthusiasts would be concerned with saving this event? Well, Sydney, Eleanor, and many of their friends raced various Allards to great success in the streets from the late 40's through the mid 60's. And today, most notably the Tiller family have raced their beastly J2 to several FTD's at Brighton over the years.

Please help save the Speed Trials.