Demolition Derby - Allard Style

Special thanks to David Brown for letting us know about these videos from Mildenham in the UK. If you look carefully, you will find an Allard P1, aka "The Jackal" racing and wrecking it's way around the track.

Mike Knapman from the AOC was able to track down some info on the car, here's what he found...

"The car was donated to the racer on condition that it must not be sold before it was raced. The car had stood in a garden for a very long time so dash had rotted away and wings about to fall off.  Rear axle and engine scrapped. Rear axle now a Ford Transit and the engine is from a Granada.  Other drivers were not happy about the strength of the Allard's chassis.

 In first race one steering arm broke but was welded. The P1 made it to the final "Destruction Derby" less its bodywork but clad only with its roll-cage and heavy gauge race mandatory roof. It was one of last three cars left running and received an award for Best Entertainer. A fitting end for a P1 maybe, but not necessarily the final curtain."