Allards @ Techno Classica Essen - March 30 to April 4

The Allard-Owners-Continental Group would like to invite allard Allard Owners and Enthusiasts to come to Techno Classica Car Show in Essen, Germany.
For 5 days, Techno Classica will be the Capital of the vintage Car Universe. This is the year when the automobile celebrates its 125th birthday. In 2010 this event counted for 172,800 visitors, of which 27% were international guests.
The Allard Continental Owners Group will be represented on Techno Classica in hall 3, stand 105 with a clubstand of 63sqm. at the end of the hall before passing to the gallery. Two Allards will be on display. The most interesting Allard will be the Palm Beach (now completed) substantially modified in the spirit of the Red Ram model and based on a big block with an high yield power trim. The second Allard on display will be a M-type Drophead Coupe with a very high quality and finish.
Click here to visit the event web site for more information.
Additinally you are invited to join the Allard Continental Group on Saturday April 2 on their meeting combined with the Allard lunch. We will meet beginning at 12:15h on the clubstand. After getting to know each other we will pass to the restaurant/bistro Schloss Hugenpoet in hall 3 to proceed with the meeting. We offer to have a short meeting running over one and a half hour totally and this break will strengthen you to start again with exploring this big -and someone had titled- monster show.
If you have any questions, please click here to contact Hans-Albert Oppenborn.