The All-Weather J2X

A note from Lindsey P…

“Here's the photo I had mentioned to you that Jerry (second owner of J2X 3147) sent me of this ugly duckling. It does appear to be a perfectly stock J2X with a Perry Fina canvas top. We don't know who's car it was. The top was really not as unattractive as it appears in this photo as the camera angle here does not do it justice at all.

The use of the top on my car was as much to deflect the direct sunlight as it was to keep out the rain. With it engaged, and the side curtains in place, it did provide decent driving conditions in most adverse weather conditions. I was able to use the car daily at Colgate University during winter driving conditions in upper New York State although the car was a real pisser in snow and ice !!!

I used to drive up from college to Stowe or Lake Placid on winter weekends with my skis sticking out  above the right passenger door with that passenger side curtain removed. I guess it did present an interesting sight for following cars.”