J2X 3044 at RM's Arizona Auction

By Colin Warnes

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One of the most enjoyable parts about working on the Allard Register is finding an Allard that has been missing from our database. In this case, RM Auctions contacted us a few months back about J2X 3044. Upon checking our database, I was surprised to find that we had no ownership history for the car; the only details we had was the factory build data.

It turns out that J2X 3044 was probably the last Allard to win a competitive race with a class victory (8th overall) at the hands of then owner Chuck Frederick in the SCCA National Continental Divide race in 1960. From there, the car was sold to the current owner in October 1961, who flew out to Golden, Colorado and drove it back to the east coast in a brisk October journey. The car was then converted for road use as it is shown now.

J2X 3044 has a few unique design features, including dual fuel fillers (tank capacity is not known) and a unique single bulge in the body cowl in front of the driver; instead of the typical double bulge. It‘s not known if the single bulge was unique from the factory or if it is was a modification. Additionally, the ventilated front cycle fenders are reminiscent of the Hitchings-Reese J2 (1910) that raced at Le Mans in 1951. The car is currently equipped with a 283 in3 Chevrolet Corvette engine and 4-speed transmission although it appears to have originally raced with a Chrysler engine and 3-speed Lincoln-Zephyr transmission. From what we can tell, Frederick converted the car to Corvette power in late 1960/early 1961. Chuck Frederick must have had a thing for Corvette’s since he raced them into the mid 60’s.

According to the RM catalog, “The new owner had it reconfigured for street use, removing the roll bar and braces that had been fitted for racing. The car was taken down to the bare chassis and the body stripped, reworked and painted in 14 coats of hand-rubbed lacquer by a local craftsman. Better seats were also installed for driver and passenger comfort. This freshening has held up well, as the car has been used for pleasure, including a number of classic car tours. It is very tractable and possessed of the tremendous acceleration for which Allard J2s are famous. The engine conversion improved the handling, since the Corvette power plant is much lighter than the Chrysler hemi. The car has also been uprated with Buick Alfin brakes in the front. The black paint retains a good shine. The cockpit is purposeful, though the floor has red carpeting to match the seats. The damascened instrument panel is basic but elegant in its simplicity. The engine compartment is clean, though not detailed. “

The car was originally delivered on March 26, 1952 to a dealer in Denver, Colorado. The exterior was red with an interior of the same color. As with most U.S. bound Allards, it was delivered without an engine.

On Thursday January 20, RM Auctions will be selling J2X #3044 as lot #145 at their special ‘The British Are Back’ night at the Arizona Biltmore Resort. The car is estimated to go for $175,000 to $225,000.

Our assessment is that J2X looks to be a good buy and I would be surprised if it doesn’t sell for more than the auction estimate. This assessment is based on the increasingly high interest in J2X’s and the unique history and features of the car. From the photos, the car appears to be in good condition with no need for major restoration.

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