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Another Missing Family P1...

We're not sure what it is about P1's, but they seem to have found a real soft spot in the heart of their previous owners. Of all the requests we get to track down missing cars, the vast majority of them are for P1's. It's not hard to see why...distinctive styling, big V8, sporty suspension (for a late 40's sedan), and suicide doors...very cool. Please see David's request below and click here if you can help us!

Hello fellow Allard lovers.

Firstly, thank you for your web-site that has motivated me to track down the Allard my father brought to Australia in 1956. It was a black P1 that was sold originally to the steel works manger in Swansea (Wales). Photo of it here in Australia attached.

My father sold it due to parts being difficult to access. He told me that he heard that the car was later used for racing in Victoria (Australia). Any help with tracking down this car (I am an avid car restorer) would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards, David Richards.


Mystery Car: P1 LKD 297

Ian Rose recently contacted us to see if we had any news on his father's P1, registration LKD 297. Unfortunately our chassis database doesn't have a corresponding chassis number for the registration plate. If you know anything about this car, please leave a comment or click here to send us an email.

Ian writes..."It was involved in an accident in late 1958/early 1959 when a lorry ran into the back of it whilst waiting at traffic lights on the A.30 near Camberley in thick fog. It was probably written-off. I know my father never got it back again, though the damage was confined to the rear end."


Back in time...

Our good friend Kerry Horan sent in the clipping above from the July 1967 issue of Road & Track. By digging through our chassis database, we believe the P1 is chassis 1720. Basically it's the only RHD P1 with black paint and a maroon interior that ever made it to America...that we know of at least. The JR is chassis #3407 that resides in the Mallya Collection. Our records indicate that the car shipped to the US in September 1962 after leaving the car of long time Allard enthusiast Rupert de Larrinaga.


Visit the Allards @ Techno-Classica Essen

Once again, the Allard Continental Group will be hosting a stand at the Techno-Classica show in Essen, Germany this March 21-25. The Group's booth will be located in Hall 3, Stand 105. This year they will be celebrating the 60 year jubilee of the overall victory of the Rally Monte Carlo 1952 By Sydney Allard, Guy Warburton and Tom Lush. They will have Darrel Allard's P1 and a Palm Beach MKI (modified in the spirit of the Red Ram*) on display. Additionally, they will be hosting their annual Continental-Allard-Owners Meeting (9th meeting) on Saturday March 24. They will meet at the stand at 12:15 and then proceed to lunch at 12:30 in hall 3, Bistro of Schloss Hugenpoet. If you would like to attend, please click here to contact Hans-Albert Oppenborn. We will post a follow up story and photos...

We hope you can make it!


Rallye Monte Carlo Historique - 2012


In celebration of the 60th anniversary of Sydney Allard’s victory in the Monte Carlo Rally, an Allard once again braved the roads from Glasgow to Monte Carlo in competition. The Rallye Monte Carlo Historique (RMCH) is essentially the modern running of the same rally Sydney won 60 years ago. Typically the RMCH is limited to cars produced between 1955 and 1980, but thanks to the lobbying efforts of Allard owner and Monte Carlo resident, Alex Edmonds, the 1950 Allard P1 of AOC Captain Dave Loveys and brother Roger was granted special entry.

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Demolition Derby - Allard Style

Special thanks to David Brown for letting us know about these videos from Mildenham in the UK. If you look carefully, you will find an Allard P1, aka "The Jackal" racing and wrecking it's way around the track.

Mike Knapman from the AOC was able to track down some info on the car, here's what he found...

"The car was donated to the racer on condition that it must not be sold before it was raced. The car had stood in a garden for a very long time so dash had rotted away and wings about to fall off.  Rear axle and engine scrapped. Rear axle now a Ford Transit and the engine is from a Granada.  Other drivers were not happy about the strength of the Allard's chassis.

 In first race one steering arm broke but was welded. The P1 made it to the final "Destruction Derby" less its bodywork but clad only with its roll-cage and heavy gauge race mandatory roof. It was one of last three cars left running and received an award for Best Entertainer. A fitting end for a P1 maybe, but not necessarily the final curtain."


Allards @ Amelia Island - The Photo Galleries

Click here or the photo above to view our five photo galleries from the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance on March 11 in Florida. Enjoy!

Colin Warnes


For Sale: P1 Special

This particular Allard is a hybrid. The original car was a P1 saloon, 4-seater (Chassis P 2240). The chassis was altered to the same dimensions as the J2. A small block Chevy 283ci, 4700cc was fitted, with a Mark 10 Jaguar independent back end which has a limited slip differential. It has GM inboard disc brakes. Aluminum body.

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