Vintage racing enthusiasts are quite familiar with the iconic cycle-fendered Allard J2’s and J2X’s from the early ‘50’s. These competition models comprised about 10% of the 1900 Allard cars produced between 1946 and 1954. By ‘54 the ‘big boys’ like Jaguar and Ferrari had caught up with, and were surpassing Allards on the race venues, so the Allard Company prudently chose to shift their focus toward other endeavors.

Sydney Allard’s US connections subsequently enticed him to entertain ideas of partnering with Chrysler to develop a sports car to compete with the Corvettes and Thunderbirds. Allard responded by making seven Palm Beach Mark II prototypes with newly designed bodywork, and lighter and more rigid twin-tube frames. These cars were also equipped with a MacPherson strut/sliding pillar front suspensions in lieu of the standard Allard Ballamy swing axle. Allard concluded this series of prototypes with a pair of fastback coupe-bodied Allard GT’s.

Sydney Allard fitted the first GT coupe with Jaguar power, and kept that car for his own personal use, and sold the second GT to Willis DuPont in late1958. DuPont specified that it be fitted with a highly modified Chrysler 392 Hemi. However he soon tired of that beast for daily transportation, and replaced the engine with a stock 1958 300D 392 Hemi. 

Not much is known about GT #7105 over the ensuing 20+ years before Bob Girvin purchased it in 1982. Bob made some minor improvements and commenced racing it for the next few years. He recognized the GT’s advancements over Allard’s preceding models, but also realized that the car needed more development to be a safe competitive racer. 

Bob took a two-year hiatus from vintage racing the GT in the late 1980’s to conduct a full restoration which included rebuilding the chassis and driveline, installing a roll cage and a highly modified, Hilborn fuel injected 392 Hemi. Bob remained a strict adherent to the principles of ‘period correctness’ – as is evidenced by the VSCCA, SVRA, VARA, VRG and VARAC sanctioning bodies.

Bob Girvin vintage raced this Allard extensively over the next three decades. His logbooks document the fact that his GT has competed in close to 200 race events at 24 different venues around the US and Canada – where 7105 has held its own with a wide variety of Kurtis, Aston Martin, Ferrari, Lister and Jag racers, winning it’s class at several Lime Rock Vintage Festival’s. In the course of his 16000 racing miles, Bob has blown four highly modified Chrysler 392 Hemi engines. He has since done some minor ‘de-tuning’ to make the engine more reliable. Compression was reduced to 11 to1 from 13 to 1 and timing backed down to 28 degrees which reduced the HP from 570 to 500. 7105 is arguably the most extensively raced Allard – ever.

Bob retired from vintage racing a couple years ago, and has decided to offer 7105 for sale. Installing a double pass radiator and conventional exhaust system with mufflers makes street use possible while vintage racing is still an option

This past September Bob transported his GT from Massachusetts to his winter home in Sedona, Arizona, and made a side trip through Wisconsin. He stopped by the Elkhart Lake Vintage Festival enroute, and displayed his Allard where the GT was awarded the well-deserved Peoples’ Choice Award. 

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